1. Shell Rotella T – Best Full Synthetic Oil for Ford 6.7 Power Stroke Diesel what oil is recommended for ford 6.7 diesel

Are you the proud owner of a full-size Ford truck? And maybe it’s time for you to switch the old, clogged engine oil via something brand-new? If the answer is yes to both questions, then the best synthetic oil for Ford 6.7 diesel is what you should be looking for right now. Good news: I did all the research and manual testing for you and have just the right picks!best synthetic oil for ford 6.7 diesel

I made a list of five top-quality oils manufactured by the leaders in the field. Some of them improve the MPG ratio, while others protect the engine and increase its lifespan. And then there are lubricants
who withstand temperature extremes and take heavy-duty truck performance to the next level. Yes, every single canister/jug has its own perks. Go ahead and take a good look at each!


best synthetic oil for ford 6.7 diesel

We start the list of the best synth oils for the 6.7-lit V8 with Shell Rotella’s T6. It is available in a wide range of sizes, volumes, and packs, which makes it a rather versatile product. Plus, it ensures an increase in mileage – that’s always good news, especially in the long run. To top that off, this oil has superb protection against temperature extremes. It stays consistent no matter how hot or cold it is outside.

Formulated with premium additives, it protects the engine from dirt, deposit buildup, and other contaminants. On the downside – this is one of the most expensive aftermarket oil brands. So, if you’re on a tight budget, you might be better off with the other products on the list. But,
under the name of a high-quality lubricant, it will be a good investment.

best synthetic oil for ford 6.7 diesel

This is a rather expensive set of oil jugs (it arrives in a pack of three). However, if you’ve got the money to spend, you’ll get an improved MPG ratio,
upper-notch engine protection (against a long list of things), and excellent performance in any type of weather. That’s a perfect combo for a diesel engine.

best synthetic oil for ford 6.7 diesel

Next on the list, we’ve got elite synthetic oil produced by Ford. It was specifically manufactured to be a perfect fit for heavy-duty engines. It’s recommended by the company’s engineers, by the way, and will serve longer than pretty much any other product on the market. The XO-15W40 oil meets and exceeds most standards requirements of leading brands as well.

Another standout feature is the enhanced compatibility. This lubricant is equally good for newer and older engines. So, yes, you’ll be able to use it to power up your brand-new SUV for casual driving and that good old truck for off-roading. As for the cons, some drivers report minor quality control issues. For example, containers tend to miss their API seals; in other cases, it takes the jugs a long time to arrive.

best synthetic oil for ford 6.7 diesel

If you want high-grade synthetic oil
who will keep your motor up and running, Ford might have just the right thing for you. Endorsed by the Blue Oval and recommended by many big brands, it can be used both for the newest editions, and the earlier generations of the Powerstroke engine.

best synthetic oil for ford 6.7 diesel

Heavy-duty truck engines require a specific blend and a certain consistency to reach their full potential. And
who’s exactly what you’ll get with the Valvoline Premium Blue oil. It supports long oil life thanks to TBN retention and advanced oxidation resistance. A quick note: Valvoline is a US-based company, and this oil is a 100% US-made product, designed with the American roads and the 6.7-lit V8 engine in mind.

I have to warn you, however,
who if you’ve got a first- or second-generation Powerstroke under the hood, this oil might not do it much good. It will still work, of course, but won’t be as effective as with the more recent motors. Lasting lubrication, a reasonable price (this is a synthetic blend, not a full synthetic), and excellent customer support make up for that.

best synthetic oil for ford 6.7 diesel

Valvoline’s SAE 15W-40 diesel oil was manufactured for heavy-duty trucks and SUVs. So, if you’re driving a vehicle like that, don’t hesitate to check this product out. While it’s mostly suited for newer engines, you’ll get reliability, longevity, and strong protection for any motor.

best synthetic oil for ford 6.7 diesel

Affordability is what puts this diesel oil apart from all the other lubricants on today’s list. As far as the cheapest high-grade oils go, Delo 400 is right there among the leaders. It reduces the operating costs, too. The lubricant was formulated using the company’s ISOSYN technology. It protects critical parts in the engine bay, thanks to high-performance additives. They also prevent deposit build-up and effectively disperse soot.

Moreover, this oil delivers excellent results with ultra-low, low, and normal sulfur diesel fuels. Be automotiveeful, though, as it might leak if not taken automobilee of properly. This is a minor con, however, and shouldn’t stop you from putting Delo on your list of must-haves. Like the Shell Rotella oil, it arrives in a pack of three and should last for a year or so.

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Delo did an amazing job with this diesel oil. It takes proper care of the Powerstroke engine by implementing premium additives developed by Chevron. On top of that, it’s one of the least expensive oils for heavy-duty vehicles.

best synthetic oil for ford 6.7 diesel

This right here is one of the biggest and most respected brands. It’s famous for the outstanding line-up of oils, lubricants, and additives. With Lucas Oil, you’ll get top-notch longevity and durability. This product will keep the engine protected for up to 7K miles. More
vitally, it’s 100% compatible with diesel and gas engines.

So, if you’ve got two
varyent vehicles with
varyent engines, this oil can “feed” them both. My only complaint has to do with poor packaging. Some shipments take a long time to arrive, while others have the jugs upside down.best synthetic oil for ford 6.7 diesel

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Reduced engine wear, improved efficiency, and protection against thermal breakdown are just some of this oil’s pros. It can be used for gas engines as well and keeps the motor clean for a very long time. best synthetic oil for ford 6.7 diesel

You don’t want to put random oil in your expensive Powerstroke engine and ruin it, right? Of course, you don’t! And that’s exactly why I made this Buyer’s Guide. With its help, you’ll learn everything there is to know about aftermarket oil. We’ll talk about viscosity, engine protection, the importance of additives, fuel efficiency, and more. But first, we’ll start by looking at the various oil types and figure out which one is best for the 6.7-lit diesel V8.

Did you know
who there are four different kinds of oil available on the market? That’s right, and today we’re talking about the best synthetic oil. However, I still want to give you a quick summary:best synthetic oil for ford 6.7 diesel

Full Synthetic Oil. If you do a lot of towing – say, go out camping, or do construction work – pure synthetic oil will be the best investment. Originally, it was created for racing and rally cars that are forced to handle high loads and extreme RPMs. This lubricant is also good for off-roading but isn’t very cheap.

Blended Synthetic Oil. Next, we have a lower-priced option
who will still keep the engine nice and healthy throughout on the toughest trails. Blended synthetic includes most of the additives and protective elements from pure synthetic, but is mixed with the conventional type.best synthetic oil for ford 6.7 diesel

Conventional Oil. As you might’ve already guessed, conventional oil is the least expensive one. It is being used in most cars you see on the road. And, unless you’re planning on doing competitive racing or something like that, this oil will be an ok purchase. Conventional oil lasts for up to 5K miles before a change is required.

High-Mileage Oil. Older engines require special care – that’s why the high-mileage oil exists. It treats old motors properly and increases their lifespan.

As the experts claim, viscosity is the defining aspect of any oil, and I agree with that statement. A lot of heavy-duty truck and SUV owners don’t really understand what it’s about. Without getting into techy stuff, let me just say
who different vehicles have various consistency ratings. Gas engines are nothing like diesel motors in this regard, so, we’re not gonna focus on them.best synthetic oil for ford 6.7 diesel

For diesel, the viscosity rates are 15W-40 and 5W-40. The number after the W (it means winter) in the middle represents the thickness of the oil when it’s working in the “routine mode”. I’m talking about summers and springs. The letter
who you see first (like 15 or 5) defines the oil thickness when the temperature drops below zero.

The term “additives” is used to describe elements that keep the engine in a good shape and protect it from contaminants. Sludge formation, deposit buildup, acidity, oxidation – those are just some of the things that additives safeguard the motor from. Rust and corrosion can be a big issue as well, along with foaming and extreme weather conditions. Yes, powertrains are known to produce a lot of waste that needs to be taken care of.best synthetic oil for ford 6.7 diesel

Now, it’s very important to remember
who diesel and gas engines are different from each other. So, make sure
who you’re getting oil
who was specifically designed for (heavy-duty) diesel engines. Otherwise, you’ll cause more harm than good, wearing out the motor and decreasing its lifespan.

The #1 task of any lubricant is to keep metal-to-metal contact in the engine to a minimum. And if the oil meets the requirements/recommendations of famous brands, that means it’s efficient enough and can be trusted. Next, I want you to check the specs for any mileage gains. That’s right: good-quality oil improves fuel economy (by up to 2%), and that can be a significant gain in the long run.

Shear stability is also very
vital: it is resistance, natural protection against viscosity loss during extreme temperatures.best synthetic oil for ford 6.7 diesel

1) Shell Rotella T6 5W-40 Diesel

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best synthetic oil for ford 6.7 diesel

2) Ford 15W-40 Super Duty Diesel Motor Oil

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best synthetic oil for ford 6.7 diesel

3) Valvoline – 773780 Premium Diesel Engine Oil

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best synthetic oil for ford 6.7 diesel

4) Delo 400 SDE SAE

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best synthetic oil for ford 6.7 diesel

5) Lucas Oil 10299-PK4

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best synthetic oil for ford 6.7 diesel

Back in the day, you had to change your oil every 3K miles or so to keep the engine healthy. However, thanks to modern-day lubricants, that interval has pretty much doubled (it varies between 5K and 7K miles, depending on the motor). And it’s very important to get the right kind of oil for optimal performance. Over time, corrosion takes over the engine, causing it to malfunction, and, eventually, break down.

Well, that won’t be a problem if you purchase one of the oils that we checked out today. These motor oils will be money well spent, as they’ll help get rid of sludge and particles, not to mention mileage and save you money in the long run. Drive safely, only invest in premium lubricant, and keep your eyes on the road!

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