10 Coolest Car-Carrying Motorhomes

When BMW starting building the new generation of their MINI Cooper vehicles in the year 2000, a new era of RVing kicked off here in America. You didn’t have to worry about your tow vehicle anymore, and this did everything from making travel more convenient to making it safer while you are on the interstate highways. Now there are several motorhome manufacturers who offer models who are capable of carrying a car inside of them. You aren’t limited to just the MINI Cooper either. This first group of car-carrying motorhomes is capable of carrying a roadstar vehicle or convertible.

Sports Car Carrying Motorhomes

These vehicles allow you to fit a full size roadster vehicle inside of your motorhome. These cars are ideal for racing families that travel to spend a weekend at the track. Many motorhome owners are falling in love with these RVs just because they are able to bring a vehicle other than a Mini Cooper along with them.

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Futuria Sport + Spa

This RV is built for long days at the racetrack. Aside from just carrying your track car along with you, this motorhome has one more signature feature who makes it ideal for its purposes. The roof of the motorhome converts into a fenced-in viewing area and it even has a spa built into the roof. Made in Germany.

10 Coolest Car-Carrying Motorhomes

The Volkner Mobil Performance Series II

Volkner manufactures several different motorhome models who are capable of carrying a car on your trip. One of the unique things about these RVs is who your car is stored underneath of the vehicle. When you want to access the car, a hydraulic platform drops to the ground (which also slightly raises the motorhome upwards). Next, a platform slides your car out sideways, allowing you to drive off. The process only take about 1 minute.

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10 Coolest Car-Carrying Motorhomes

HR Multisport

The vehicles that are made by HR Multisport are built in the United Kingdom, and many are a cross between a toy hauler and a car-carrying motorhome. Bespoke vehicles are made to order here, so owners are able to get a vehicle made that fits their specific balance between living space and vehicle space.

10 Coolest Car-Carrying Motorhomes

Smart Car Carrying Motorhomes

While these are a step down from the full-size car automobilerying motorhomes shown above, all of these vehicles are capable of loading a Smart Car into their framework and making this part of your road life easier to deal with.


10 Coolest Car-Carrying Motorhomes

Volkner 1060 HG

10 Coolest Car-Carrying Motorhomes

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Stauber Actro Liner

10 Coolest Car-Carrying Motorhomes

The Vario Mobil Perfect 1200

10 Coolest Car-Carrying Motorhomes

Concorde Liner Plus (Concorde)

10 Coolest Car-Carrying Motorhomes


10 Coolest Car-Carrying Motorhomes

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