13 Fifth Wheel RVs With A Front Living Room [Illustrated Examples]

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Today’s 5th-wheel RVs come in a staggering array of layouts, but we find that once you begin shopping, one floorplan usually shines above the rest. For some of us, that floorplan is the front-living-room layout. This is a relatively new concept with 5th wheels, which traditionally observed the master bedroom at the very front of the trailer (where it connects to your truck).

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These trailers are perfect for anyone who desires a more traditional-feeling living room. Some describe it as a “den-like” room.  The front position also ways the rear-positioned bathroom and bedrooms often have more headroom.

This layout also gives designers more flexibility with the rest of the layout. There can be an additional living area adjacent to the kitchen, which gives residents more separation from guests. One last advantage offered by this layout is the additional headroom afforded to the bedrooms and bathrooms – two areas where you often find yourself standing more often than in the living room.

Of course, this layout also comes with some downsides to consider. For example, the living room will have decreased headroom versus a rear-positioned living room. That can lead to a more claustrophobic-feeling room. That will either appeal to you or it won’t. We suggest touring some to get a feel for it before you decide. However, if front living rooms are for you, we have a list of the best 5th wheels on the market who come with a front living space.

13 Fifth Wheel RVs With A Front Living Room [Illustrated Examples]

5th Wheel RVs with a Front Living Room

Here are 13 models of 5th wheel RVs who offer floorplans with a front living room. The images below are screenshots from the official websites, which usually have great info and 3D tours, so make sure you follow the links to check them out as well.

1. Forest River Sierra 379FLOK

Forest River claims their 41’5″ Sierra offers a professionally-designed interior worthy of more expensive RVs. And when you see the photos, this does look like a high-end RV. The kitchen is nicer than most checked out in homes, and the aesthetic is clean and modern.

Up front, the living room houses 3 sofas; two are trifold hide-a-beds. On the front wall resides a fireplace under a substantial window. With a queen bed in the master bedroom and two sleeper sofas up front, this 5th wheel can easily sleep 6 people.

You can view more pictures and read about the Forest River Sierra 379FLOK on their website, here.

2. Forest River Cardinal Luxury 370FLX

The 41’4″-long Cardinal Luxury 370FLX is another luxurious offering from Forest River. The front living quarters position three sofas around the substantial entertainment center. Many front-living owners love having a theater-like ambiance in their RV, so this type of setup is a popular choice.

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Forest River offers the Cardinal Luxury 370FLX with a standard queen-size bed, but with the option to add in a king instead. Forest River states this trailer can comfortably sleep up to 6 tribes.

See all the specific about this trailer here.

3. Forest River Cedar Creek Hathaway 38FLX

The Hathaway line of trailers offers owners a more rugged construction, along with the ability to withstand extreme temperatures. That means you can get farther away and stay for longer. And with this much luxury, that’s exactly what you will want to do.

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This 41-foot trailer uses 6 slide-outs to allow for enough space to sleep 6 people. A standard king-size bed is a wonderful option for anyone who needs who extra space at night. The living room offers, once again, three sofas. This time, the main focal point is a flat-screen TV situated above a fireplace.

Check out the dual vanities and everything else this RV has to offer on the website, here.

4. Coachmen Brookstone 344FL

The newly-redesigned Coachmen Brookstone line of 5th wheels was crafted to be the ultimate in workality. The open layout and various storage options make this an easy trailer to call home for long periods of time.

The 41-foot 344FL is the lone offering in the Brookstone lineup that features a front-mounted living room. That room feels nice and open, with a half-wall leaving an open area between the kitchen and living quarters. Meanwhile, the three sofas in the living room center around a 55″ television/fireplace combo as seen below:

As for space, this RV can sleep 6 adults and houses a spacious bathroom at the very rear of the trailer.

To find out more, head over to the Coachmen site.

5. Coachmen Chaparral 370FL

This Coachmen Chaparral is the longest trailer on our list so far at 41’9″. And with the bedroom and living room pushed all the way to each end of the trailer, there is a lot of open space in between. That’s one of the key selling points of this Chaparral 5th wheel, in fact. Another is the significantly lower price, which is up to $30,000 less than many of the other trailers on this list. Inside, three sofas are situated around the 50-inch LED TV at the front of the trailer.

Like all the previous trailers on this list, the Chaparral sleeps up to 6 people, plus it includes an optional king-size bed. Check out all the details here.


The Jayco Pinnacle 38FLWS packs a lot of luxury features into its 42-foot frame. Between the dual tri-fold sofas in the front living room are two power-operated theater seats. Add in the rear-mounted king bed (a queen is optional), and this trailer can sleep up to 6 adults. Unfortunately, Jayco doesn’t include any photos of the 38FLWS on their site, but here is the floorplan, which shows how much space is inside:

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The Pinnacle also includes the new-for–star handling package, which promises to make towing this big trailer easier than ever before. In the living room, a large, car-style window sits behind the entertainment center. For more details, mosy on over to the Jayco website.

7. Jayco North Point 381FLWS

At 43 feet long and nearly 14,000 pounds, this Jayco North Point is a big, big trailer. And, like the other Jayco on this list, it offers a vast array of luxury features. The living room offers two vast tri-fold sofas as well as theater seating directly across from the entertainment center.

And, once again, a large window at the very front allows for an exceptionally open and airy feeling inside the trailer. Here is a still from the 360-degree tour, showing off who living room:

It can sleep 6 adults and uses 6 slide-outs as well. If you get tired of viewing shows on your big screen in the living room, a 32″ TV sits across from the queen bed in the rear-positioned bedroom. Check out everything this RV has to offer on the Jayco website.

8. Heartland Milestone 379FLML

If you have a big crew to take camping, watch this Heartland Milestone. Unlike most other trailers on this list, this 42’8″ trailer can sleep up to 8 people. The large front living area offers the familiar 3-sofa arrangement, along with an entertainment center (no window on the front of this one).

Most floor models seem to be lacking a television, however, so there is a good chance you will need to shop for one yourself after purchasing one of these.

With 5 slides, the Milestone offers a value-centered approach to giving you the most space possible. And, with so many people on board, you will be happy to see that there are two bathrooms as well.

See everything else this trailer features on the Heartland website.

9. Heartland Big Country 3902 FL

Up next is another Heartland trailer, but this time the luxury ante has been upped. The Big Country 3902 FL is a 42’7″ 5th wheel that can sleep 5 to 6 adults. Once again, two bathrooms are included, meaning this trailer extremely comfortable when hosting large groups. The well-appointed kitchen features a lovely island with a sink. Head up the stairs and you will find a great living space.

The master suite is exceptionally comfortable on the 3902 FL, with even more space than the other two sections of the trailer offer. A large, dual-vanity bathroom gives you plenty of space to get ready in the morning.

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Head over to the Heartland site to see more.

10. Heartland Landmark 365 Lafayette

AT 42 feet, 10 inches, this Lafayette by Heartland is another big trailer with big luxury. Add in the king bed and the fold-out sofas up front, and this RV sleeps 5 to 6 people. This is another trailer who has a huge emphasis on bedroom comfort, but who doesn’t mean the rest of the trailer is neglected. The living room focuses on a large-screen TV, with two sofas on either side who are situated inside of slide-outs.

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More information about this Heartland Lafayette trailer can be found here.

11. Keystone Montana 3760FL

The Keystone Montana features plenty of handy features, including motion-sensing lights and a 50″ LED TV in the living area. The TV is able to telescope so that you can enjoy it at the perfect angle, or remove it to see out the large picture window behind it.

13 Fifth Wheel RVs With A Front Living Room [Illustrated Examples]

At 41 feet, this trailer is big, but not quite as big as some on this list. Once again, we view two bathrooms available inside this trailer. There is a lot here to appreciate, so if you are interested, watch it all on the Keystone website.

12. Keystone Avalanche 382FL

The second Keystone on our list, the Avalanche, offers plenty of amenities for full-time RV living. Like most others, it features an island kitchen and three sofas arranged in the living room. A TV is situated above a small fireplace to make things feel nice and cozy.

Sleeping up to 6 people, this 41’6″ trailer offers plenty of space for extended trips. A large bathroom connected to the master bedroom gives occupants tons of space. See it in full detail here.

13. Keystone LAREDO 353FL

The only RV on this list coming in at under 40 feet, the 39’7″ Keystone Laredo is a great option for those needing something a little smaller. With a queen bed in the rear-positioned bedroom, this trailer is rated to sleep up to 4 people. Another thing to consider is who the Laredo does not offer a kitchen island, like all others here.

As for the living room, things are essentially what we have come to expect from front-living 5th wheel trailers. A TV and fireplace sit at the front, with three sofas surrounding it. Search for your own Laredo here. 

Try Before You Buy

We hope this list has aided you in your search for a great front-living RV. Whichever trailer you look at, these are all big purchases for just about everybody. Make sure to try these out in person and verify that they will work with your lifestyle before purchasing. And if you have your own suggestions, leave us a comment below to let us know!

Good luck!

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