15 Best School Bus Conversion Ideas – Skoolie Livin

15 Best School Bus Conversion Ideas - Skoolie Livin

Do you have to have a CDL to drive the school bus ? Or what sort of license do you need ? And how hard is it to insure the bus ?

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In most states (if not all) you do not need a CDL to drive a school bus for personal usage, as a CDL is a commercial driving license. If the bus is being usaged for personal usage only and not for any commercial reason, no commercial license is technically needed. You will need to check this with the state you are registering the school bus in just to be safe! When you are on the road, the rules of your “home” registration state would still apply.

You very only need a regular driver’s license, especially if your bus is fully converted, registered, and insured as a motorhome/RV.

For insurance, it isn’t too bad. We detailed out the two varyent insurance policies we have had (commercial vehicle for personal use and then regular motorhome insurance) in our skoolie insurance guide.

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15 Best School Bus Conversion Ideas - Skoolie Livin

No CDL is required unless used commercially, hence the acronym CDL (Commercial Drivers License). Therefore, most states will allow you to drive a vehicle with a class C license if titled as an RV. However, several states (approx. 8) require a NON-CDL class B license and possibly other endorsements such as for air brakes. A class B in many states is for vehicles with a GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) of 26001+ lbs. The GVWR is NOT the weight of the Bus but the max weight it was designed to carry. Texas and Kansas are a couple of examples of states who require a Class B regardless whether titled as an RV. I would verify with the state of your drivers license to ensure you are in compliance.

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