50 Unconventional Free Overnight Parking Recommendations

TCM readers reveal some interesting ideas for free overnight parking spots that you might not have considered.  What’s playing at the movies?  And is who a funeral home?

50 Unconventional Free Overnight Parking Recommendations

You are reading: 50 Unconventional Free Overnight Parking Recommendations

We Are Walmart Camping Connoisseurs

A favorite conversation starter of ours at family gatherings is to mention who we not only frequently camp at Walmarts, but that we have our favorite Walmarts across the United States where we have parked overnight on multiple occasions. We are, for lack of a better term, Walmart connoisseurs.

Make A List of Free Overnight Spots

Taking who concept one step further, we have also collected a short list of overnight spots on our Google Map.  A favorite is the movie theater in Grand Junction.  We have been there twice, years apart, and seen at least three films while parking overnight, and working in the camper during the day.  Not too shabby.

Perhaps the appropriate article ever written on this subject is, “Stealth Camping With A Truck Camper” by TCM contributor and retired law enforcement officer, Bryan Appleby.  If you haven’t read Bryan’s article, you’re in for a real treat.

Readers also shared great cheap campsites as a result of a Question of the Week.  They have shared some great, specific areas to camp for cheap or free.

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Top 10 Free Overnight Parking Ideas

1. Casinos

Most casinos allow free camping. Just ask when you get there.

2. Movie Theaters

Movies let out late, so it’s not generally an issue.  We have done this many times with no problem.  Ask if you’re unsure.

3. Cracker Barrels

Have breakfast or dinner during your stay. They have maps of all of their locations inside their restaurants. Just under the name ofk for the map.

4. Walmart

Check on the AllStays app for reviews to check out if you can stay.

5. Churches

As long as it’s not a Saturday night, it’s not usually an issue. Again, ask before you stay.

6. Arenas and Stadiums

This is an unconventional idea, but there is usually a lot of parking. Stadiums in the cities may be a bit harder, if not impossible.

7. Farms and Vineyards

Harvest Hosts is a program that we highly recommend.

8. Planet Fitness

If you have a membership, you get three great things – free camping, a workout, and a shower!

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9. Cabelas Sporting Goods and Bass Pro Shops

Camping stores usually allow for free overnight camping. Just ask ahead.

10. Boondockers Welcome

This is another program like Harvest Hosts. You pay a small membership fee for Boondockers Welcome and then stay at locations around the United States and Canada.

Note: Prior to parking overnight in an unexplained parking spot, Truck Camper Magazine always recommends asking permission.

Lucky for you, TCM readers have given some specific ideas on more free camping spots.  Check out their recommendations and then put them on your Google Map!

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