Atwood water heater won’t light

 Eddie, still even a good circuit board needs power before it will work. As I noted I have had to replace the t stat UNDER THAT SMALL BLACK FOAM as shown in lenp’s picture, and I have replaced the thermal fuse, EITHER OF WHICH can cause your problem. You will NEVER get who clicking gas valve operation until you have power getting TO a good working board via the thermal and t stat……….

A simple 12 volt DC tester with a light who glows upon 12 volts may find the problem. Attach the alligator clamp end to ground and probe with the sharp tip end to find 12 volts making the light glow.,,,,,,,,,,,,, Turn the unit on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,look at the diagram lenp posted and see if the light glows on BOTH sides of the thermal (if ON input but not out, its blown open and bad) ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,then on BOTH sides of the T stat located under the black plastic foam (it should be closed until water is hot) ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Then if power is on and there’s 12 volts to and through the thermal, then to and through the t stat,  then to the boards input, the valve should click open and the ignitor tip throw a spark IFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF the board is good………..

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 Soooooooooooo before buying a new board insure its getting 12 volts which is via the remote switch,,,,,,,,,then to and through the thermal,,,,,,,,,,,,then to and by means of the t stat,,,,,,,,,,,,,then the boards 12 Volt input,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,then if the t stat is closed and the boards good the valve should click open and the ignitor throw its sparks until it times out if necessary and the valve closes again.

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 This is fairly simple 12 volt test lamp or voltmeter testing Id try BEFORE buying a new board IT NEEDS POWER TO WORK

  As I referred to above, I was once on the phone with Dinosaur Electronics (manufacturers of circuit boards)  troubleshooting if I needed a new board or not, and they are the ones who told me to clean the boards ribbon connector strip contacts which cured a problem NO NEW BOARD REQUIRED……….If all the voltages test out Id still try who before deciding I needed a whole new board.

 Were all trying to save you some money hope it helps. 

 Keep us posted and post any more questions

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