Top 6 Best Synthetic Winch Rope

In this article, We analyze the TOP 6 Best Synthetic Winch Rope, we are based on the specifications and customer rating. we will recommend you the Best Synthetic Winch Rope for the money.


Offroading Gear 95'x3/8” 

HOOAI   3/16" x 48'

Top 6 Best Synthetic Winch Rope Reviews

AUXMART Synthetic Winch Rope Winch Line Cable 20500LBs

If you are looking for a winch, and you are wondering what is good. AUXMART is a Best Winch rope  for your winch. It has 3/8 inch thick, and 95 feet long. Its weight is very light at only 3.97 pounds, this winch rope can float on the water, minimal stretch, non-rotating. won't kink, curl or splinter. more lighter, stronger and easy to handle

AUXMART is manufactured from dyneema fibers which works very well in very severe weather conditions.

This winch rope is attached a 3/4 ring D-ring Shackle, it is made of steel and has a very high durability. The strength of this cable reaches 20,500 lbs, it is stronger than steel cable, but it is very light and much safer than steel.


  • Very lightweight  and safe
  • Super strong synthetic
  • Resists abrasion from rocks and debris
  • D-Ring Shackle had painted coated to protect against corrosion


  • Durability decreases when in the sun

Offroading Gear 95'x3/8” Synthetic Winch Rope Kit w/Snap Hook and Rubber Stopper for 4x4/ATV/UTV/Jeep

Offroading Gear 95'x3/8” Synthetic Winch Rope are made from UHMWPE that are extremely durable, and they are all tested for durability before being shipped. This rope winch comes with a heavy-duty protective sleeve to protect against fraying, over-heating, and slippage.

Offroading Gear Synthetic rope withstand maximum stress up to 18,500 lbs. And it is very light, easy to transport when you travel. One strong point is that it is easy to install or remove. It is very suitable to use on SUVs, Jeeps, Trucks, ATVs, UTVs, etc. including SmittyBilt, ARB, Power Winch, etc. 


  • Heavy duty & Light ong
  • Has a heavy duty shackle and a rubber stopper
  • Has protective sleeve
  • Easy installation


  • Durability decreases when in the sun

HOOAI Synthetic Winch Rope - Best synthetic winch rope for the money

HOOAI Synthetic Winch Rope

HOOAI Synthetic Winch Rope is a very cheap wire but the quality is on par with other expensive strings that has a low price and high breaking capacity. 

Its price is very cheap but its durability reaches 6,000 lbs strength cable. This  rope winch is easy to handle, splice, with no sharp frays

In additon, This rope is lightweight and durable, it will become your best companion on road! With 1.55m protective sleeve to prevent overheating, slippage and sharp surfaces.


  • Affordable price
  • 6000 lbs strength cable
  • Easy to handle, splice
  • 90 days carefree return & lifetime warranty against manufaturing defect!


  • Slightly short length of only 48 feet
  • 6000 lbs strength cable

Fiery Red Synthetic Winch Rope 3/8" x 100' - 23,809 Ibs Winch Line Cable Rope for 4WD Off Road Vehicle JEEP SUV

Synthetic Winch Rope 3/8" x 100' - 23,809 Ibs Winch Line Cable Rope for 4WD Off Road Vehicle JEEP SUV (Black), 1 Year Warranty

If you are going to be using your winch ropes properly, you also need some supporting characters too! A winch is obviously a must have, but a quality D-ring is also very important when off road driving. This quality D-Ring shackle from FieryRed. It boasts a solid steel construction for incredible strength. 

In addition, it has been laboratory tested to a breaking strength up to 23,809 Lbs. That is frankly stronger than many styles of winch rope (and indeed winches), so you can be confident this shackle can stand up to anything that can be thrown at it. 

A strong point of the rope is that it is very long, this 100ft winch rope is able to reach most anchoring point.


  • Extra-length (100 feet)
  •  Breaking strength up to 23,809 Lbs
  • Very versatility in use
  • Tensile and repairable
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Slightly short length of only 48 feet

WARN 87915 Spydura Synthetic Winch Cable Rope

WARN 87915 Spydura Synthetic Winch Cable Rope with Swivel Hook End: 3/8" Diameter x 100' Length, 5 Ton (10,000 lb) Capacity

WARN are brands the most popular off road winch brand and offer the best products that are built to the highest standards. This WARN 87915 spydura synthetic is constructed of  polyethylene material, and it delivers high abrasion resistance and excellent tensile strength.

Plus, this 100-foot cable is handy for you in any terrain, and it is painted black urethane for increased ultraviolet and chemical resistance.

This WARN Spydura synthetic rope is lighter and easier to handle than traditional wire rope


  • Ballistic nylon sliding sleeve
  • 3/8 inch thickness
  • Lightweight and very durable
  • Hook and matching strap included
  • Easy installation


  • Breaking power is quite low
  • The price is quite high

YaeTek 92' x 1/2" Synthetic Winch Rope

YaeTek 92' x 1/2" Synthetic Winch Rope Line Cable with Protective Sleeve and Rock Heat Guard 22000lbs Compatible with Jeep Truck ATV UTV Van SUV KFI

A brand new, but appreciated product quality is YaeTek Synthetic Winch Rope. It is a 92 feet long rope and made from Polyethylene Fiber material. This material is very light and can float on water

In addition, This KIT has 3 meters RED Heat Guard to Keep the Rope from Excessive Heat or OverheatingPlus. Comes with Rock Guard to Prevent Slippage, Rough Surfaces


  • Protective Nylon sheath Prevents any Rough or Sharp outer that may cause rope Frayed
  • Breaking Strength Max. 22,000 lbs
  • Very Lightweight, Float In Water.
  • Compatible with most vehicle such as SUV ATV UTV Truck Boat Ramsey KFI etc
  • Easy installation


  • Hook is not included


To choose for yourself the best winch rope, you should consider the following main points:

Breaking strength

Breaking strength is very important, if you buy a large tension close to the force you want to pull it will easily break. In case you are pulling your car, the cord will break, which will cause you very frustration.
Therefore, we recommend that you buy a rope that is at least 1.5 times the tension you want to pull. It will make sure that when you pull the maximum force will not be broken. In addition, the string will lose its strength when you pull beyond its tensile strength value.


Safety is important when towing. If a cord is unsafe, it will put you at risk of injury.
In the case of a broken cord, it will bounce back, and may cause injury to the driver in the car.


You should consider the price of the rope, because we recommend buying 2 strings for your car. One main cord and one backup cord, unless the main one is off when you're off roading.


A long rope is an advantage in all different terrains, it will help you to easily find the advantage to win your car. 

Included Parts

Something to consider about before buy a new winch rope is what you might need for additional pieces. This includes things such as installation hardware, D-rings, snap hooks, carrying cases, and other useful features, which tend to come with a higher price tag. Buying them all at once can save your money in the future.


Some materials to construction the winch rope should be noted:

  • Dyneema
  • Spydura
  • Nylon
  • Polypropylene
  • Best synthetic rope winch for jeep vs ATV vs UTV

    When considering what type of winch line to get, you should consider what type of vehicle you will be using it on, as it will greatly impact your needs. When purchasing winch rope for an ATV, Jeep you can go for a lower max weight, as the vehicle you will be pulling will weigh less. 

    Also, you may want to consider getting a shorter rope, as you may not have as much space for it on the spool. Take these same considerations and apply them to UTVs and trucks, keeping in mind that they weigh more. For trucks and heavier vehicles you will want the strongest rope you can get, as well as the longest length possible to prevent you from getting stuck.

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    Article Name
    Top 6 Best Synthetic Winch Rope Reviews
    Top 6 Best Synthetic Winch Rope Reviews 1. AUXMART Synthetic Winch Rope Winch Line Cable 20500LBs 2. Offroading Gear 95'x3/8” Synthetic Winch Rope Kit 3. HOOAI Synthetic Winch Rope - 3/16" x 48' 4. Fiery Red Synthetic Winch Rope 3/8" x 100' - 23,809 Ibs 5. WARN 87915 Spydura Synthetic Winch Cable Rope 6. YaeTek 92' x 1/2" Synthetic Winch Rope

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