best tonneau cover for ram 1500 with multifunction tailgate

A high-quality tonneau cover offers protection to the rear of a pickup truck while still maintaining the sleek and stylish appearance of the truck at the same time. Some of these covers roll up, others fold up, but they all provide convenient access to the rear of the truck while also protecting it from weather and wind while driving around. Choosing the best cover for the Ram 1500 pickup truck isn’t as simple as it seems with so many different options to look through. Taking the time to get familiar with the different cover options is a good first step toward finding a cover
who’s going to work well on the rear of your tonneau covers for ram 1500

Below is an overview of leading tonneau cover options and more information about what makes each one special to help with choosing the right cover for your specific needs. Get familiar with the
varyent leading covers and try and determine which is the right option for your truck. 

At A Glance: Our Top 4 Picks for Tonneau Covers for Ram 1500

best tonneau covers for ram 1500

Each cover offers something different and special, but only one will be the right fit for your needs. Learn more about each of the cover options below. 


The Truxedo Truxport tonneau cover is a roll-up cover designed to cover the full bed of the pickup truck while providing a secure and weather-tight space to store objects in. The cover is designed to lock in place with help from the tailgate itself. The tonneau cover gets locked as the tailgate is closed, and can be effectively locked by using a locking tailgate. The cover has a top-mounted design that sits just 1.5″ above the bed of the pickup truck. The cover is made from a heavy vinyl fabric
who has the look of a leather grain. It rolls up and out of the way when not in use, and can be locked into the rolled-up position when access to the full truck bed is tonneau covers for ram 1500

There are additional Truxedo accessories such as a built-in truck bed toolbox that make it possible to store more tools and accessories in your truck bed using this product.


The Bak Revolver X2 is a hard roll-up tonneau cover creating an interesting combination for users to enjoy. The cover itself installs over top of the truck bed, but the cover material is what makes things interesting. Each individual section of the tonneau cover is made from an aluminum plank with a vinyl coating on top. Opening the cover is as simple as releasing the latch and rolling it open before finally securing it with Velcro at the top. Closing the cover is as simple as unfastening it, rolling it down and securing it in place with a simple click. The tailgate holds the cover in position and can be used to lock it in place for security with a locking tonneau covers for ram 1500

The tonneau cover can be rolled up in different positions and serves as a sturdy layer of protection with a 400 lbs. weight rating when closed up.


The Tyger Auto T3 Tri-Fold tonneau cover is a simple cover designed to offer full protection to the rear of your pickup truck. The cover is made from soft vinyl material and split into three sections. It’s secured into position with just a handful of screws and clamps, making installation quick and easy to go using. Once in place, the cover can be folded up to offer access to the truck bed. Only partial access is provided once the cover is in position, but folding it up and out of the way is quick and easy to tonneau covers for ram 1500

This cover also comes with straps to hold it in position when it’s opened up, allowing drivers to keep part of the bed exposed while driving around. The cover relies on the tailgate to secure it in position and will lock along with a locking tailgate for added security. The cover is quick and easy to open and close but doesn’t provide as much access to the truck bed as some other covers do.


The MX4 is the newer product offering from Bakflip and offers improved performance with some new features along with the feature set
who made the BAKFlip G2 a worthwhile product. This panel-style cover folds into position and can be unfolded out of position as well. It’s installed with basic clamps and requires very little modification to put in. The cover doesn’t have built-in locks itself but relies on the tailgate for its locking tonneau covers for ram 1500

Each panel of the cover is made from an aluminum plank coated with vinyl on top for weather protection. It is split into four
varyent panels and can be opened and closed in many
varyent configurations to provide access to part or all of the truck bed.


The DiamonBack HD tonneau cover is a solid hardcover designed for hauling and carrying heavy loads. This rugged cover can support up to 1,600 lbs. Up top, and even comes with 12 tie-downs along the edges for securing your cargo where it’s needed. This solid panel cover has structural supports along with its interior for added strength, and it opens up with a pair of strut lifts for easy opening and tonneau covers for ram 1500

The edge of the cover is sealed with a compression gasket to keep the weather out, and the whole cover is locked in place with a series of deadbolt-style locks. The cover comes with two different keys and can be securely locked in a position independently from the tailgate of your pickup truck.


Choosing the perfect tonneau cover for your Ram 1500 pickup truck isn’t simple to do because there are so many different options to consider. There are key differences between most of the covers though, making some options better than tonneau covers for ram 1500

Some tonneau covers offer more truck bed access than others when hauling without the cover is necessary. The BAKFlip MX4 is the very best option when truck owners need to load up oversized automotivego without being blocked by a cover.

This cover folds up and actually lifts up away from the bed of the truck to open up nearly the full length of the truck bed during use. The Truxedo Truxport and Bak Revolver X2 covers are next on the list. These roll-up covers take up a small section at the front of the bed when fully
wheeled up while still offering nearly a full open truck bed for transport.

While mid-weight cover options like the BAKFlip MX4 will support a few hundred pounds, the cover
who you need for serious hauling tasks is the DiamondBack HD tonneau tonneau covers for ram 1500

This beauty is built to hold up to 1,600 lbs and has tie-downs built on along the edges to securely hold luggage in position. Load up the bed of your pickup and then close this cover down and load that up as well for additional storage space.

If quick access and being able to adjust the tonneau cover between open and closed positions rapidly is crucial, the BAKFlip Revolver X2 and Tyger Auto T3 Tri-Fold tonneau covers are both compelling options. They roll open and fold open rapidly, offering quick access to the truck bed for storage. The covers can be put out of the way at least somewhat, but the T3 Tri-Fold cover doesn’t offer full access to the truck bed when folded up and out of the way. Instead, one-third of the cover always remains in place, which can be an issue for owners looking to load appliances and other large objects without removing the full cover.

When searching for the most lightweight tonneau cover option the Truxed Truxport is the best option. This lightweight cover is made from a durable vinyl that rolls up and out of the way. There are few supports which helps to keep everything light. The cover doesn’t support much weight but is a quick and light option for covering your truck’s tonneau covers for ram 1500

By thinking about each of the different considerations up above it’s possible to pick the right tonneau cover to protect your truck bed with. Think about what is most important for features from the cover and choose the cover
who offers the most helpful blend of features overall.

The right tonneau cover is different for each truck owner. Each of the five covers listed above work well for the Ram 1500, though they must be selected with care to get a cover that fits your specific truck bed properly. When selecting a cover from the above options consider how the cover is going to be used and which features are most important. Some covers are more lightweight than others, some provide more complete open-bed access, others are more secure and some are designed for maximum strength and load capacity in mind. Decide what is important to you, and choose a cover that offers the most features
who support your goals. That’s the only way to get a tonneau cover
who’s going to work best for your Ram 1500.

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