Do you ever get tired of endlessly seeing your carpets dirty and not presentable? Do you wish to find the fit product for an immaculate carpets at home or work? You need not to look for more. With the help of this buying guide, you will get to be knowledgeable about the most in demand and effective vacuum cleaners in the market to help you in maintaining your carpets squeaky clean. We have rounded up the best ones and its highlights to guide you in choosing only the Best Vacuum Cleaner Carpet. Check these out!

Top 5 Best Vacuum Cleaner Carpet and Hardwood Floor Our Pick:



Customer Rating

​#01 Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum,  (NV365E)

This very lightweight vacuum cleaner is perfect for those who want easy to transport and durable vacuum cleaner for carpets. Its Lift-Away feature aims to make your everyday cleaning easy since you just need to press a button to lift the canister to effortlessly reach all areas. It also has a Dust-Away hard floor attachment and comes with 2 washable microfiber pads.

This guarantees you that cleaning up the vacuum after will be truly easy. You won’t need to replace it from time to time as well. The power capacity of this cleaner can be maximized in a nuclear family or bigger if used properly.

It also has a gentle deep clean technology for less hassle of having your carpets being clean. Moreover, its swivel steering gives you amazing control on even the hardest parts to reach with your carpets. It also claims to effectively trap dust and unwanted allergens in your home so it’s a great bonus to consider in choosing you Best Vacuum Cleaner Carpet. Its flawless, efficient, and effective in every way.

  • Has easy to use functions and is very lightweight compared to others
  • Its suction powers is very powerful and can give you an easier time in cleaning your Carpets
  • It has a Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology + HEPA which assures you of clean air all throughout



Shark Rotator Slim-Lite Lift-Away (NV341)

Shark Rotator Slim-Lite Lift-Away (NV341)

Customer Rating

​#02 Shark Rotator Slim-Lite Lift-Away (NV341)

If you’re looking for a portable and deep suctioning vacuum cleaner, then this might be the one for you. Its 2 in 1 vacuuming capabilities are great for a Carpet vacuum cleaner since it’s versatile. It’s smooth to maneuver and has great handles for everyday use. You can easily adjust them depending on your preference and use.

It also has an Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology which is fit for a cleaner air and surroundings. The motorized brushroll is great for your Carpets with its ultimate cleaning powers. Not only that, the 25 foot long cord is an awesome catch since you can go up and down your Carpets without worrying about unplugging it.

Moreover, it has a micro fiber pad to help you in making sure that your Carpet vacuum cleaner is your number one friend in keeping the dirt away. When you buy this product, you can also avail their crevice tool and a wide upholstery tool for better cleaning. It also has a dusting brush, accessory bag, and a Dust-Away bare floor attachment for the easy maintenance. What more can you ask for? This is such an all-around vacuum cleaner for Carpets.

  • Has premium floor nozzle with headlights to aid you in cleaning your Carpets
  • Its Lift Away mode provides you portability and access to any areas
  • The Above Floor Mode is also helpful in reaching higher levels without hassle


Bronze Award

Dyson Ball Multi Floor Compact Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Iron/Purple - Corded

Dyson Ball Multi Floor Compact Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Iron/Purple - Corded

Customer Rating

​#03Dyson Ball multi floor upright corded vacuum

Are you tired of those dark spots on your Carpets that never seem to go away? Why not try this effective Multi Floor Upright Corded Vacuum which is a catch given its cyclonic technology. It only means that the cleaner head is automatically adjusting for the cleaning of your Carpets without lessening its suction. Moreover, it is up to date and easy to maintain with its bagless technology. You no longer have to replace those bags over and over again. It also saves you energy while you use it.

This brilliant vacuum for Carpets is highly advisable to use for people with large families since it has a 13.39” cleaning capacity giving you larger areas to clean in a short period of time. Its maneuvering powers won’t disappoint with the ball design for easy rolling on your Carpets.

When it comes to the dust, you won’t also have any problems since a .55 gallon cup is ready to save you time. Through it, you won’t have to empty it all the time making you save time for more important things to do at home. Lastly, its 30” cord is a winner for the cleaning of your Carpets since you can move around with it even in the highest steps

  • Has multiple height adjustments
  • Has reusable cyclonic cloth filter which is good for the environment


Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum (HV301HX)

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum (HV301HX)

Customer Rating

​#04 - Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright (HV301)

This Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright is a smart buy for your Carpet vacuum cleaner given its great design and functions. First of all, it is highly suitable for those who want compact tools in their homes since its very light and small compared to others. It can save you up a lot of storage place due to its retractable handle.

Moreover, the 2 Tier Radial Cyclones are best for increasing the airflow while cleaning your Carpets making it easier to capture dust. The hygienic bin emptying can function well with just one click to release and empty it. There are various perks of getting this vacuum cleaner for Carpets because it’s easy to manage. Additionally, the cable, wand, and hose are practically extended up to 42 feet. Amazing, right? It’s 25% longer reaching for your Carpets compared to other vacuum cleaners.

It’s perfect for your Carpets especially if you have long ones. This will match any type of Carpets and is easy to use for everyday chores. One of its praised factors would also be its sucking powers with any dirt or dust in your Carpets. It can last with any kind of problems in your Carpets with its great features anytime ven in the highest steps

  • Has a self-adjusting cleaner head which aims to suction consistently on your Carpets
  • The wand and hose release provides you smooth and quick movements
  • Its Ball technology creates an easier steering for you when reaching tricky spots on the Carpets


Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS XL Commercial Upright Vacuum

Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS XL Commercial Upright Vacuum

Customer Rating

#05 - Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS XL Commercial Upright Vacuum,120 V, Gray/Blue

If you’re aiming for the Best Vacuum Cleaner Carpet, then this may be one of the products that you should consider. This charmer is an easy to use model which measures in a compact size of 6 x 13 x 35 inches (H x W x D). Its weight is also very ideal for those who prefer lightweight materials with only 8.2 pounds.

This is definitely a wise investment with its Helping Hand handle suitable for easy handgrip. It was even recommended by an Arthritis Foundation with that feature. Moreover, its brushrolls are perfect for your Carpets in making sure it’s immaculate with its double helix brushes whirls at 6,500 RPM.

The Microsweep technology is also one of its pride which aims to help you in cleaning your Carpets more effectively. The Side Edge brushes are also impressive when it comes to reaching even the most hard to reach spots in your Carpets.

With its low profile design, it can match any type of aesthetics in your home and match it well. The disposable top-fill inner bag is also easy to manage. Lastly, the 35 foot cord length is notable for higher Carpets and grounds to reach

  • Offers a wide range of cleaning path of 12 inch wide suited for saving time and energy
  • Has automatic adjustments which is ideal for those who want to avail settings with no hassle
  • Very lightweight and easy to store giving you extra space on your home


Eureka PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Lite, Black

Eureka PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Lite, Black

Customer Rating

#06 -  Eureka PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

  • Powerful vacuum cleaner The dynamic motor and brush roll can lift stubborn and heavy debris Plus the 12 6” wide nozzle cleans more with a quickness
  • 10 lbs lightweight upright vacuum The Eureka Power Speed is pretty lightweight and easy to manoeuvre Designed for whole home clean
  • 5 height adjustment It works well on carpets shag rug hard floors etc Smooth wheels ensures hardwood floors won’t sustain scratches or gouges
  • 4 1L extra-large capacity the extra-large dust cup holds more dirt and requires less frequent emptying Clean more empty less
  • Multiple accessories included a quick-release handle connected to the stretch hose for above-floor cleaning A 7-inch-long crevice tool dusting brush and upholstery tool help clean hard-to-reach areas Extract dirt pet hair freshen up your car curtains ceilings or door frames For your convenience they are all stored right on board
  • How To Choose Best Vacuum Cleaner for Carpet and hardwood floor

    We all know that vacuum cleaners are best to keep dirt away from your carpets. But if you’ve ever tried to make it immaculate clean, you would also know how hard of a task it is. Well, it’s about time we round up all the best factors and highlights to consider in buying a vacuum cleaner which is fit to make your Carpets clean all the time. The Best Vacuum Carpet Cleaner can now be within your reach with these easy to follow tips and suggestions so you can make out the most of your investment for long term capacity not only for your Carpets but even for your home as well. We’ll go through the things that you have to take note of so your hard-earned money will go to a worth it product. Are you ready? Here we go!

    Factors To Consider in Buying Vacuum Cleaner for Carpet and hardwood floor

    First of all, when we talk about vacuum cleaner for Carpets, your purchase must be effective in cleaning and efficiently moving it around. While some buyers don’t take it seriously, you will be amazed how much dirt are still left by on your Carpets when you invest in the wrong one. The struggle of going up and down repeatedly on your Carpets is a problem that you should let go of now. Here are the factors to consider in buying the Best Vacuum Cleaner Carpet:

    1. Lightweight

    Who would want a machine which you can’t even move around due to its heaviness? The perfect vacuum for Carpet should be lightweight for everyday use. For reference, heavy equipment on your home may not only be a hassle for you but for your health as well given the strain it can do to your hands and back. So it would be wise to get one which is just fit for the weight you can carry.

    For other options, you can also try vacuum cleaner for Carpets which are handheld. You may also opt for one that is cordless so you won’t have to transport it all the time. Moreover, lightweight vacuum cleaners for Carpets are also great since it’s easy for storage. It won’t add up as a mess on your homes and will provide you extra spaces.

    2. Cleaning and Suction

    When it comes to the cleaning and suction, this should be one of the most important factors that you should take note of. The level of cleaning must be good enough to take care of all the dirt in your home in a matter of minutes. The suction powers can be tested through how much dust and dirt it can intake without leaving any debris.

    This gives you the benefit of saving energy and time since with an effective suction, your Carpets can be clean in an instant without having to go through it many times. This is the main function of a vacuum and this should not be taken for granted so you would be confident that your purchase is doing its work well.

    You can Read more about - 4 Ways to Vacuum a Rug on Wikihow

    3. Capacity of Cleaning

    Size does matter when it comes to getting the Best Vacuum Cleaner Carpet and hardwood floors. Especially when you think about the hustle it requires when you go and down each step, a large capacity of cleaning is what you would truly need. Most of the best ones in the market have a large capacity so it would be great to choose a product that will cover every move and step that you have with your stairway. It should also increase you range of cleaning for your Carpets. The capacity would determine the control you have since it’s great for saving your time for other chores that you have in mind.

    4. Cord Length

    Want to move around but can’t? That’s the worst factor to miss out on a vacuum cleaner for Carpets. The longer cord that you have, the easier your life would be. Imagine going up and down without worrying about getting your vacuum plugged out? That’s the kind of convenience that you would need. For those cord lengths that are the best, you can even move up to higher Carpets with ease. 30 ft. and above should work best for you depending on your preference.

    5. Bagless Feature

    The bagless feature is one of the most brilliant factors you should not miss since cleaning out your vacuum can be very messy and hard work. With a bagless feature, there’s no more need for buying and taking out plastic or paper bags every time you clean your Carpets. It’s also great for keeping out the unwanted dusts that may spread as you take it out.

    6. Rubber Wheels

    Swiveling your vacuum cleaner on your Carpets must always be concise and controlled which is why the rubber wheels feature should be ideal. Since some Carpets only have little spaces, you might want to consider the precise movements that you should take. With rubber wheels, you will have smoother gliding while cleaning your Carpets. It will also give you the freedom to reach even the hardest parts to reach in your Carpets such as the edges.

    7. Easiness of Use

    No matter how pricy your vacuum cleaner for Carpets is, the most important factor should be the comfort of the user. So when you invest in one, you should try it out first if it feels easy and light for you to use. The easiness may also be measured by how manageable the settings are. Some settings are even automatic already.

    You might want to opt for easy to figure out buttons and are close to the handle. In that way, your everyday use can be as easy as you imagine it to be. The more comfortable you are with the product, the better cleaning results it would be on your Carpets.

    8. Design

    This is optional but a great vacuum cleaner for Carpets must still be aesthetically-pleasing so that it would match your home decors and even give you a brighter disposition while cleaning your Carpets. The design would also matter when it comes to the shape of your vacuum cleaner so getting the most ideal design is a wise move.

    Our Verdict and Recommendations

    As we carefully evaluated, here are our top performers for the Best Vacuum Cleaner Carpet and hardwood floors. For the Bronze Winner, Multi Floor Upright Corded Vacuum gets the spot. For Silver, Shark Rotator Slim-Lite Lift-Away (NV341) cops it, while the Gold Award is deserving for the Shark Navigator NV370.

    Our Top 3 were able to manifest its excellence in terms of easy usage, cleaning powers, and overall performance which are suited for Carpets cleaning. When choosing the Best Vacuum Cleaner Carpet, there must be a merge of convenience and quality in order for you to achieve an easier daily cleaning. Thank you for reading and happy cleaning!

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    Top 6: Best Vacuum Cleaner Carpet and hardwood floors
    Do you ever get tired of endlessly seeing your carpets dirty and not presentable? Do you wish to find the fit product for an immaculate carpets at home or work? You need not to look for more. With the help of this buying guide, you will get to be knowledgeable about the most in demand and effective vacuum cleaners in the market to help you in maintaining your carpets squeaky clean. We have rounded up the best ones and its highlights to guide you in choosing only the Best Vacuum Cleaner Carpet. Check these out!