How to Check Brake Pads?

It is vital to at least know if you truly do need new brakes or not before you take your vehicle to the shop. If you perform brake jobs yourself then you clearly need to understand how to tell if they need changing or not. Learn both and through technique for checking brake pads below:

How to Check Brake Pads

How to Check Brake Pads

How to check brake pads without eliminating wheel

The quickest way to test your brakes is to look via the wheels holes where the brake pads and clipper are.

You will most likely need either a truly brilliant flashlight or a little, big flashlight that you can set between the holes in your rims. Not all rims have big enough holes in them that you can view how much staff is left on the brake pads. If you can view them via the wheel holes and they are additional than about twenty percent worn then you need to change your brake pads.

Removing wheels for a complete brake check

By far, the top way to replace your brake pads is to get rid of the wheel and look at the back of the caliper. You will be capable to view how far of the pads are worn down. Bear in mind though that on some occasions the front the brake pads wear quicker so you might need to verify the front edge as well.

By removing the wheel you will be capable to get a much amazing view of the brake pads as well as the caliper condition, brake lines and rotor as well. It is best to inspect each of the items matched to the braking system while you are looking at the pads.

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If you want to be changed it is very simper to choose them all up at the car parts shops at once rather than lost something during your check and having to put the vehicle back combine so you can go back to the store to get the other things you need.

After you understand how to test brake pads and test them yourself you will be much perfect prepared when you go purchase the parts to perform the work yourself or when you take it to the repair store to have them fixed for you.

Be sure to test your brake fluid as well as when checking your brakes. Brake fluid is rejected on some occasions and ends up causing issues because it has not gotten replaced in several years. Take a look at the brake fluid color. If it is truly dark it may need to be changed.

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