DBPower T20 Projector reviews

When you’re watching the hit boom movies or your favorite team club, having a “big screen” will create all the difference. after all, you'll purchase a model lastest and greatest, biggest flat screen tv out there, on the other hand you’re seemingly out thousands of greenbacks. Additionally, the area needed to put for a giant TV isn’t invariably on the market. To not mention, few TVs are on the market over ~75 inches. and therefore the few that are will expensive as a gently used car! 

This is why a lot of individuals currently than ever are making the good move to invest a projector instead of a TV. Projectors supply rather more skillfulness and may be employed in a mess of situations. However, rather like TV’s, not all of them are created equally. There are many completely different makes, models and types to settle on from, all with completely different specifications and needs. gratuitous to mention, it will get quite confusing, quite fast.

DBPOWER T20 1500 Lumens LCD Mini Projector

DBPOWER T20 1500 Lumens LCD Mini Projector

DBpower T20 Reviews

DBpower T20 Reviews

Customer Rating


Projector Image Quality

Speaker Sound Quality

Long Lamp Life

Easy Mount Projector Upside Down from the Ceiling


Text displays with significant alias at most resolution.

First Impressions

Right out of the box, there's nothing esthetically special regarding the DBPOWER T2. It’s overall style is simply like every different projector model get in the market these days. It sports the quality projector form with lens direct, focus and keystone changes and management buttons on high.

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Oddly enough, the association ports ar scattered. The 3.5mm audio port, AV, HDMI, memory card slot, and USB ports ar found on the proper aspect whereas on the rear you’ll get the VGA slot.

Moreover, the ability port is on the left aspect portion of the projector. Personally, I like better to have the plug on the rear. once it’s either on the left or right aspect portion of the projector, it takes further table area. Plus, it's littered and awkward– are you able to simply imagine the cables protruding on the rear, additionally as on the side? this can be solely a private preference. If you’re not fazed with the position, then this shouldn’t be a drag for you.

What’s surprising is that the build quality of the projector. For the $100 tag, we have a tendency to tend to were expecting AN inferior construction but holding the projector in our hands, it feels solid, sturdy, and intensely superior. The device is made out of premium plastic. If we have a tendency to tend to didn’t perceive the worth of this projector, we'd have guest that it worth a minimum of $200.Specifications:

Key Specs of DBPower T20 review

Imaging technology

TFT liquid crystal display


1500 lumens



Aspect ratio


Projection ratio


Native resolution

800X480 pixels

Native resolution

1920X1080 pixels


Manual correction 15°

Throw distance


Screen size

32-176 inches

Verdict dbpower T20 review

Overall, we’re huge fans of the DBPOWER T20 mini Projector. it's lots going for it, with many fascinating options at an inexpensive worth purpose. The brightness is great, the interface is extremely simple to use, and therefore the setup is self informative. You don’t want any fancy instrumentality to combine with it, everything {that you|that you simply that you simply} want is enclosed – just connect your favorite content via HDMI, VGA or RCA and you’ll get on your means.

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