Fluke 117 Multimeter Review

The Fluke 117 True RMS is simply amazing multimeter for demanding settings like hospitals and schools, commercial buildings. The Fluke 117 includes integrated non-contact voltage detection to avoid secondary voltage detection tools for that purpose. You can read more Fluke 117 multimeter Review below, We will analyze the product more this product.

Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter with a NIST-Traceable Calibration Certificate with Data

Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter with a NIST-Traceable Calibration Certificate with Data


The Fluke 117 is designed with an integrated non-contact voltage detector Fluke insiders named Volt-Alertwith a load capacity protection of up to 1000V, making this the most appropriate multi-meter to use on commercial applications that are requiring demanding settings.


The protruding dial on the face which necessitates a little TLC when placing or setting it face down is a total turn off making this Fluke 117 vulnerable to a face down drop


Fluke 117 is the ideal meter recommended and used by professional service technicians on a wide range of demanding settings that are mostly required when working oncommercial buildings, hospitals and schools. The built in non-contact Volt-Alert that auto detects voltage is the technology that makes this Fluke a cut above the rest

About Fluke 117 Multimeter

Reading and Measurement Efficiency

To get the job done faster the manufacturers of Fluke designed the 117 modelto include integrated non-contact voltage detection labeled as VoltAlert technology.In addition it also has an AutoVolt automatic AC/DC voltage selection function and Low Input Impedance, which facilitates theprevention of false readings due to ghost voltage, making it capable of reading AC DC current measurement of up to 10A.The lack of a mA and uA range capability does not diminish its functionality since this is not an electronics meter but anelectrician's meter.

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Load Flexibility

All Fluke products are highly capable of true-rms accurate measurements even on non-linear loads. Fluke 117 can measures up to 10A (20 A overload for 30 seconds). It is highly capable of making a 6000 count display with 4 updates per second, also of a 33 segment bar graph with 32 updates per second which many users find to be extremely responsive and reliable.

Basic Operating Options

This model is also awarded with a Min/Max/Average functions settings that enables it to record signal fluctuations. Its VoltAlert technology for non-contact voltage detection that senses the steady state of electrostatic field produced by ac voltage over insulations without requiring the meter to make contact with the bare conductor emits a red glow at the tip makes a beeping noise (when switched ON) to indicate the presence of voltage. The AutoVolt automaticac/dcvoltageselectionautomatically switches to measure AC or DC voltage whichever is present. It has a LoZ capacity that promotes accuracy of readings by preventing false readings delivered by ghost voltages.

Designs and Dimensions

For hands free operation this Fluke model is ergonomically designed to fit into the palm of one hand for easy manipulations and is compatible to an optional (ToolPak) magnetic hanger.


The package contains Fluke 117 multimeterintegrated with non-contact voltage voltalert technology for non-contact voltage detection with an autovolt automatic ac/dc voltage selection; a Fluke 1AC-A1-II AC Voltage Detector that continually tests its battery and circuit reliability with an interrupted double flash visual indicator, which is a category IV rated product that is capable of 1000Vover voltage protection, the highest rating for this kind and a REED CA-05A black polyester carrying case that measures 9x 4 x 2" (228 x 102 x 51mm).Same as other Fluke models it has a large white LED backlight to aid you in making accurate readings when working in poorly lit areas.

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Safety Ratings and Warranty

The Fluke 117is also independently tested and receives aCAT III 600 V safety rating. Included in the purchase is a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Product Description

Out of the Fluke models, the Fluke 117 is the most enabled functional digital multi-meter model albeit the most high priced one. And even if this is one of the smaller sized Fluke meters it still own the samefeatures that can be customarily found on most of the other Fluke models and modern digital multi-meters. Enumerating them as follows;

- Fluke 117 is integrated with a VoltAlert technology for non-contact voltage detection function makes working on demanding electronic applications stress-free

- It also has an AutoVolt automatic ac/dc voltage selection that automatically switches to measure AC or DC voltage whichever is present

- Capable of LoZ(low input impedance) that helps prevent false readings owing to ghost voltage

- Has a large white LED backlight great support for working in any environment especially in poorly lit areas

- Capable of true-rms for accurate measurements even on non-linear loads

- It is capable of measuring 10A (20A overload for 30 seconds)

- Capable of making resistance, continuity, frequency and capacitance test

- Able to record signal fluctuations with its Min/Max/Average settings

- For added portability this is compatible with an optional (ToolPak) magnetic hanger best for hands free operation

- Received a CAT III 600 V safety rating

- Warranty of 3years is included with purchase

Summary Fluke 117 Multimeter review

Considering all the features packed into this compact RMS Multimeter, you can definitely say that this is a one of a kind professional tool even for a Fluke. With the company making it their habit to package their Fluke models deficientof one complementary accessory or more, thelack of complementary holster on this model is a major drawback for many of Fluke’s fans. Well. Taking into account all the following features: VoltAlert technology for non-contact voltage detection;the ac/dc voltage selection for its automatic AutoVolt; low-impedance LoZ to prevent false readings due to ghost voltage; large white LED backlight; measures of 10 A (20 A overload for 30 seconds); the Min/Max/Average settings to record signal fluctuations; its resistance, continuity, frequency and capacitance; its compatibility to a (ToolPak) magnetic hanger which is optional for hands free operation; 600V CAT III safety rating the fully packed warranty on parts and labor is more than justified. As a heavy-duty, sturdy and reliable professional RMS multi-meter this Fluke 117 Multimeter reviews is simply the best one

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