How to change a car battery

How to change a Car Battery? No Problem. Today we will introduce step by step to replace a battery

A car battery is really an amazing thing – until it dies. If it decides to quit and cannot be recharged, you are stuck on the road until help or Road Assistance arrives.

Depending on your driving routines, vehicle batteries generally last between 1 and 4 years. For the reason that batteries are heavy, very corrosive and potentially flammable as well, many drivers give up the DIY approach and get an expert to change their dead battery.

How to change a car battery

Steps to changing a car battery

General procedure for changing a battery is as follows:

Get rid of cables from battery terminals

For cars with a negative ground, loosen the bolt and nut that grips the battery cable clamp to the negative terminal. If your vehicle has an optimistic ground, you would loosen the right cable first.

Remove the fasteners or screws gripping the battery in place, and then remove the battery

Keep in mind where you place the battery screws and don’t let them miss under the vehicle. Wear gloves while perfectly removing your battery.

Examine the tray the previous battery was resting on

If the tray beneath is shows or rusty any acidic deposits, dissolve a small baking soda in some liquid and use this technique to dirt free the tray. Don’t perform this without wearing gloves on first. This is also the time to provide your battery terminals a clean.

Position your fresh vehicle battery on the tray

Twin-check that it is facing the same way as its predecessor and is placed firmly

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Change the fasteners/screws to the new battery to safe it in place

The battery should now be free of any likely “wiggle”.

Reconnect your battery cables in the turnaround order in which you look them off

Ensure all re-linked clamps are clutching the posts in a strong grip.

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Dispose of your old battery righty

Batteries are corrosive and toxic and must be disposed of responsibility and legally. Unique recycling centres will admit old batteries and accuse you a lowest amount to remove of them for you. Old vehicle batteries do not go in your recycling bin or rubbish.

One of the most vital steps that experts take when changing your battery is to make sure a second power source is accessible so you don’t lose computer setting and the security code you require to operate the radio.

Your radio safety code may be written down someplace in your vehicle manual but if you have no evidence of it; you will generally have to get in touch with your vehicle dealer to get the code again so you can apply the radio.

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