How To Drive in Snow?

If you get stuck in Snow? How to drive in Snow? Today, We will introduce you how to solution it.

Driving in snow conditions shows many challenges, and it is very important that you and your vehicle are prepared for these.

Your vehicle needs to be rightly maintained and maximise safety. There are a few easy steps you can take to lessen the dangers when driving on snow covered roads.

how to drive in snow

how to drive in snow

Car preparation


In winter the battery in your vehicle will run down more fast than in the summer months. Lights, heaters, and wipers all put plus strains on the battery. Most batteries will last around five years in new cars, but providing your vehicles a long run or trickle charging your battery will support to keep you moving.

Screen wash

Salt and grit on the roads cause the windscreen to become dirty extremely fast, decreasing visibility and making driving hard. Keep screen wash topped up in the right concentration to stop freezing.


Make sure your tyres in best condition – a minimum of tread of 3mm is advsed for winter driving. Maintain the producers advise tyre pressure to make sure highest stability.

Driving in snow

When driving in snow it is vital to drive in a gentle, steady manner. Keep speeds steady and slow – going too quick your risk losing control, but going too slow means you may lose tempo when you need it.

Steer, brake and accelerate as easily as possible. Braking distances will increased by up to ten times normal distances, you must make allowance for this. Be alert that your brakes will not feedback as you expect and use engine braking as much as easy. ABS braking will also be as affected so use your gears to decrease speeds.

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If you need to apply your brakes be prepared for the vehicle to skid. Grip the steering wheel firmly and if your vehicle does not have ABS then pump the brakes rather than using a one motion.

When approaching a downhill section decrease your speed before you starts your descent. Don’t let your speed raise as you descent as it is very hard to regain control of your speed in that condition.

What to do if you stuck in Snow? How To Drive in Snow?

When car driving in the winter a few easy precautions can make a big difference if you find yourself stuck in the snow. Keep the following items in your vehicle:

· Water

· Food

· Spam hot clothing or a blanket

· Mobile phone

Keep yourself warm by running the vehicle engine. This should only be done for fifteen minutes per hour and it is essential the exhaust pipe is not blocked by snow, and this could lead carbon monoxide poisoning.

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