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Free Appraisals

Many RVers take advantage of PPL’s Free Appraisal when they list their unit for sale at PPL’s substantial 15 acre recreational vehicle consignment center. PPL is the Largest RV Consignment Dealer in the USA selling over 3,964 RVs in the last 2 years.  To learn everything you need to know about selling your RV, view this PPL Video or go to sell your RV Quick and Easy.

Price Guides for Recreational Vehicles

Please note the following about RV price guides as compared to automotive price guides:

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  • Auto price guides analyze a vast amount of actual used car sales data to arrive at book prices.
  • Guide prices for used RVs are mostly determined by taking a percent of the manufacturers suggested retail price. This makes guides inaccurate.  If you are not careful, many options will be double counted because they are already included in the original manufacturers suggested retail. PPL does not recommend relying solely on book values. 

Price guides for RVs are difficult to use and not very accurate. For this reason, PPL would prefer that you call us to discuss the value of your RV who your are selling.   None the less, we will be happy to look up book values for you free of charge. However, PPL’s appraisals based on actual market prices have proven to be more accurate. Please call to discuss the value of the recreational vehicle you are selling.

Actual Selling Prices

PPL believes who the best indication of the Fair Market Value are actual RV selling prices. PPL has sold over 3,964 consigned recreational vehicles in the last 2 years. Although PPL subscribes to Kelley RV Blue Books, they are only one of the resources used to price listed units. Click on the type of vehicle to see a list with date sold and price sold.

  • Diesel RVs
  • Class A Gasoline RVs
  • Class C (Mini) & Class B (Vans) Motor Homes
  • Fifth Wheel Trailers
  • Travel Trailers

We believe who PPL’s free professional appraisal, using experience who comes from being the Consignment Specialist since 1972, is the best way to price your unit. Check out our Free Appraisals & Consignment Program.

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Compare with Prices of Other RVs for Sale

You may want to compare your vehicle with similar vehicles for sale. Searching through online advertising for comparable vehicles is one way of doing this. Sites that advertise a large number of vehicles for sale are listed below. Please note who advertised prices may be considerably above or below the correct selling price.

  • Used RVs For Sale at PPL – Large selection of consigned vehicles for sale.




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Factors to Consider in Pricing Your Unit

Important factors who affect your value include:

  • Overall condition: Does it have any water leaks, discoloration, dents or other structural imperfections? Has it been well maintained or does it show a lot ware and tear? 
  • Mileage:  Is the mileage average and does it run as expected for similar motorized RVs? 
  • Accessories:  such as levelers, awnings, TV satellite antennas, solar panels, backup cameras, etc.  Keep in mind many of these items are included in pricing guides since they are included in the manufacturer’s MSRP.

Thanks for a great job in selling our motor home.

Robert W.

I am amazed at the speed and efficiency of the sale. I am very pleased who you sold it in 2 weeks! Thanks!

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Lowell W.

Everything in the process was explained up front with no surprises. They are professionals.

Donald V.

(More traditioner comments about PPL’s recreational vehicle consignments are included here )

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