MTI Acoustics Dodge RAM 1500 Stage 3 Under Seat Enclosure dodge ram under seat speaker box

$1,400.00$1,610.00dodge ram under seat sub box

Want some great sounding bass in your 2019 and up Ram 1500 Crew Cab (Non-Classic model) and want your subwoofer enclosure to look great? The MTI Acoustics Stage 3 Under Seat Enclosure is the perfect solution!

Stage 3 enclosures are always one of a kind, feel free to make a request! (Additional fees may apply). All Stage 3 enclosures are upgraded with a full vinyl wrapped perimeter and top plate for the cubby saver, carpeted top on the downfire. The Stage 3 enclosures also include a badge so be sure to let us know what model your Dodge Ram is on the checkout page!

selling TWO ram under seat sub box

Version One: Cubby saver.  This model will accommodate up to 10″ subs and has 1.5cu foot internal volume. Maximum depth is 5.20″ for a flushed look (as shown) and 6″ if surface mounted)
Integrated amp racks would be limited to single sub applications in the cubby saver due to surface area and airspace.

Version Two: More bass, covers cubbies. This model also have 1.5cu foot internal volume. Due to being downfire, the maximum depth is 4.75″

Neither version will impede rear seat ram under seat sub box

Features Include:Vinyl Wrapped PerimeterCarpeted top of the enclosure (downfire version)
Included Badge (Single color LED backlighting)
Vinyl Insert
Speaker Terminal
MDF Construction
Beautiful rounded edges design

Stage 3 enclosures are available in three sizes-Single sub (half-length)-Single sub via a cubby (full length)
-Dual sub (full length)

Subwoofer Options:  (NOT included in enclosure pricing, must add to the automobilet)
Kicker Comp RT 10″
Kicker Comp RT 12″ (downfire only)
Kicker L7T 8″ (Limited to two woofers ported)
Kicker L7T 10″
Kicker L7T 12″ (only one ported) (downfire only)
JL Audio 8″ 8W3v3
JL Audio 13″ 13TW5v2 (Ported Not Available) (downfire only)
JL Audio 12″ 12TW3 (downfire only)
JL Audio 10″ 10TW3
Focal 10″ P25FS
Ground Zero Titanium 10″
Ground Zero Titanium 12″ (downfire only)dodge ram under seat sub box

**No subwoofer (s). Be sure to note at checkout which subs you plan to
usage. If unsure of fitment, please email us in advance for verification. **

This item covers 2019 and up Ram 1500 (Non-Classic) models.

**After you add this enclosure to your automotivet, scroll down to select additional options and audio gear to complete your package**dodge ram under seat sub box

Due to the practice nature of this item, all sales are final, without exception. 

Curious about lead times? 

roughly warranties? 
dodge ram under seat sub box

Curious about

Please check out the FAQ page before purchasing:

dodge ram under seat sub box

MTI Acoustics

6.5-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch, 13.5-inch

One, Two, Fourdodge ram under seat sub box

Yes, No

Full Length, Full Length via Cubby

There are no
reads ram under seat sub box

The MTI Acoustics team distinctizes in manufacturing high-quality custom subwoofer enclosures, speaker baffles, A-Pillars, and installation accessories for trucks and SUVs.

Our team is decorated with over 36 Car Audio World Championships with multiple Best of Show Awards from all over the country. While leading our retail store, Mobile Toys, our team has been awarded Top 12 Installer of the year 5 times and Top 50 Installer of the year more than 10 times.

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