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This is the most bizarre situation… I’ve called numerous times to get this reservation taken care of.. We all have our inner crazy, especially now, but what in the world?? I never would leave a bad review as my family and friends own businesses… unless something really was wrong, not worth it! Let them figure it out… politicians made in nearly impossible for service oriented businesses to survive, so I understand that 100%! However, here’s the situation… 3/3/20- reserved camping for May 2020… covid restrictions they were forced to cancel. I was told who the credit would apply to a future reservation. Fast forward to April 2021… I called to reschedule for May 2021 (we were going with 2 other families) they said “we have no availability in May 2021.” My friend was told the EXACT same thing so we went camping at a different location. Fast forward to June 2021, was told I was a “no show” for May 2021. I never got an email, phone call, or any form lol of communication from Pismo Coast RV telling me I had a reservation , so how would I know this???? We happily would have come… so how did this happen?? If I were to blame, I’d take full responsibility… HOWEVER in this case, this is a scheduling mishap on the reservation end that I would just like to apply to a future date or sadly… refund. It’s just common courtesy for a supervisor to call back.. I’ve called now 4 times and nothing. It’s now July 2021… still waiting, I always want to give a few days for management to call back, as I know it’s summer! BUT… a month of not calling back? That’s just avoiding the situation at this point.

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