Superwinch Terra 45 ATV & Utility Winch Reviews

Superwinch terra 45 is one of the best winches for its quality, performance, and ease of use. The winch is perfect for a heavy duty work with aluminum hawse and latched hook. It is compatible to use with good power.

Overall, the winch is suitable for any kind of lifting use. The powerful motor will give you good lifting opportunity. As a result, you will have easy and comfortable lifting time to finish your work!

Superwinch 1145220 Terra 45 ATV & Utility Winch (4500lbs/2046kg Rating)

Superwinch 1145220 Terra 45 ATV & Utility Winch (4500lbs/2046kg Rating)

About Superwinch Terra 45

The Superwinch Terra 45 is highly efficient for lifting and holding heavy weight. The 1.6 HP motor is capable of lifting and holding up to 4,500 lbs weight. So, you can expect to get good service from the winch. In addition, it uses low amp draw for saving energy power.

The 55 inches synthetic rope is strong to hold the weight. The length is enough for lifting anything from distance. However, you can’t change the rope if you want. You need an expert to replace the rope if you want.

It also offers an ergonomic cam action free spooling clutch. As a result, the clutch is comfortable to use than other winches available on the market. In fact, the design makes the clutch durable and preferable for the workers.

The oil pocket bronze bearings will give you good support. Moreover, the parts of the winch are rust free for durable performance. For providing you all weather work capability, it offers circuit breaker protection design and weather sealed. As a result, you do not need to care about the weather. You can use the weight lifting device in any weather.

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In addition, the latched hook comes in heavy duty design. The aluminum hawse makes it lightweight and easy to use. You will also get a good instruction book for using the winch. You can read the instructions to use the kit for lifting a weight.

The winch is only 11 pounds weight. In addition, it is suitable for all terrains vehicles. So, you can carry the winch easily and use for any purpose.


• 1.6 HP permanent Magnet Motor

• Offers Dynamic Brake

• 55 Inch Synthetic Rope With Ergonomic Cutch For Handling

• Circuit Breaker Protected Design

• Quality & Durable Materials


• Weight: 19 pounds

• Size: 15.1 x 4.5 x 4.8 inches

• Motor: 1.6 HP

• Pull Up Limit: 4500 pounds


  • Good lifting capacity
  • High quality and powerful motor for lifting
  • Efficient lifting service
  • Rust-free parts
  • Comes with a circuit breaker protection design
  • The design is ergonomic friendly
  • The mechanical loading system is easy to do for any person
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • The rope quality might be better
  • The instruction is not as clear as other winches


The Superwinch Terra 45 is a powerful winch for lifting. It offers powerful motor for lifting with mechanical load holding system. In addition, it comes with a dynamic break for easy use. As a result, you can expect to use the winch easily for lifting anything.

The best part is its circuit break protection design and ergonomic style. So, you can use the winch in any weather. The sealed motor and special design ensure the safety of the winch. Also, you will never have any problem using the winch because of its ergonomic design.

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You can use the winch for any purpose. As you will get a long rope, you can easily lift anything. Moreover, it will need only a few minutes to learn how to use the winch for lifting!

Overall, the winch is perfect for lifting anything because of its quality and performance. The synthetic rope can handle enough weight to support your lifting.

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Superwinch Terra 45 ATV & Utility Winch Reviews
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