Top 6 Best Electric Boat Trailer Winches For Sale

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Whether you are new to boating or not, you have probably watched people at the ramp struggling to launch or land their boat. What a lot of people don’t realize is they could make this task much simpler by using one of the best electric boat trailer winch.

Based upon our prevalent research, analyzing countless reviews, and our own personal experiences, these are the top 6 best electric boat trailer winches for sale today.

Many boaters quickly get tired when using hand-cranked winches to bring their boats onto their trailers. As a boater, you may also have challenges when loading your boat by yourself, as this will consume much of your time. Therefore, it is essential to find the power winch for your boat trailer that will solve your problems.12 volt electric boat trailer winch reviews

An electric winch can not only save you time, but it can also save your back and shoulder from not having to crank the boat onto the trailer. This is particularly helpful if you are older or have any health problems that would otherwise keep you from being able to enjoy your boat.

Electric boat winches are very common today, but picking the right one can be challenging if you don’t know what to look for. This article will help you understand how to choose the best power winch for boat trailer that can work well and fit your boat.

Keep in mind that a trailer winch is different than an electric boat anchor winch.12 volt electric boat trailer winch reviews

*Our Top Choice*

– Quiet operation
– Fast and reliable electronic braking system
– 2,000-pound pulling capacity

– No manual cable release12 volt electric boat trailer winch reviews

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The Bravex Electric Winch is one of the best electric winches in terms of speed and efficiency. The winch has been modified to have a reversible mechanism and up to 30% more power than similar electric boat winches. Its Direct Current mechanism allows for easy connection.

This winch comes with a wired remote control that plays a significant role in minimizing labor during the operations. It is made in a way that you can efficiently work from the unit. It also gives you a clear view of your boat when it is going onto the trailer.12 volt electric boat trailer winch reviews

Besides having a remote controller, it handles boats of up to 6,000 lbs according to the manufacturer. The powerful motor in the Bravex Electric Winch has terrific features that make this machine a top performer. One of the best features is that it has both electric and manual operating modes.

The Bravex Electric Winch also produces very little noise, which those in the area will appreciate. This makes this machine suitable in crowded areas.

This winch comes with a modern braking system that is highly reliable and helps prevents accidents. Lastly, this winch is multipurpose in that it can allow you to operate on cars and move other equipment other than boats.12 volt electric boat trailer winch reviews

Best Value

– 2,000-pound pulling capacity
– Quiet operation
– Galvanized steel cable and hook

Cons:– Weak manual crank
manage12 volt electric boat trailer winch reviews

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The Megaflint Trailer Winch is a winch that works on up to 12-volt Direct Current power. It is produced with both power out and power in capability. It has been modified to handle various work, and it comes along with a free-wheel device.

This Winch comes with a modern and reliable braking system and an excellent working friction brake. The braking options allow you to handle many operations when stopping your boat and carrying your boat on to the trailer. This mechanism helps to ensure that there is no boat damage when hauling.12 volt electric boat trailer winch reviews

Additionally, the Megaflint trailer winch is manufactured to produce low noise, which used to be a common complaint of older models.

This winch is also designed to operate both manually or electrically when putting in and out. This trailer winch is made to lift a 5,000 lb boat. Megaflint also claims
who it produces up to 30% more power than comparable winches from other brands.

Cheapest12 volt electric boat trailer winch reviews

– 2,000-pound pulling capacity
– Compact & portable design
– Inexpensive

Cons:– Pull mode only (no

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The Master Lock Electric Winch is among the most common and best electric winches that are out there. It does a good job for a cheap electric boat trailer winch. It has a compact and portable design making it useful for things other than your boat trailer.

It comes with a cable containing a steel mounting plate with a 30 feet long cable with a working cable of 20 feet and a maximum boat weight of 5,000 pounds.

Like the previous winches on our list, the Master Lock Electric Winch comes with a hand-crank, which can be
usaged when there is no power available.12 volt electric boat trailer winch reviews

Wired Remote

– 50-foot cable included
– Wired remote

Cons:– Long cool carry outwn time
– Expensive12 volt electric boat trailer winch reviews

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If you are looking for an electric boat trailer winch to install, then the Dutton-Lainson Strongarm is worth considering. This winch comes along with a remote controller which is connected with a 10 feet long cable. This allows you to better focus on your boat from different directions.

With a 50 feet long cable and a firmly mounted hook, the Dutton-Lainson device has been made to work on 4,000 lbs of carrying capacity. Note that after 3 minutes of run time, this unit requires 15 minutes to cool down. Some may find that inconvenient.12 volt electric boat trailer winch reviews

Wireless Remote

– 4,000-pound pulling capacity
– 40-foot cable included
– Corrosion-resistant

– Expensive12 volt electric boat trailer winch reviews

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The Powerwinch RC 30 Wireless Remote Trailer Winch is top choice of many boating enthusiasts thanks to it’s power and durability.

The Powerwinch RC 30 comes along with a wireless remote controller, which most
usagers will find convenient. It is very powerful, with a 4,000-pound pulling capacity, and can handle boats up to 11,500 pounds.12 volt electric boat trailer winch reviews

The RC 30 is produced with corrosion-free materials to increase its durability. It comes along with heat-treated gears that will also help this one last longer than most others. It is firmly constructed and built to last.

The Powerwinch RC 30 comes with a one year warranty, which is fairly

Heavy Duty12 volt electric boat trailer winch reviews

– 10,000-pound boat capacity
– Corrosion-resistant
– 5-year warranty

Cons:– Strap is also short

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The Fulton 500621 XLT Powered Winch with Wireless Remote is among the most efficient winches that you can find in the market due to its unique features that are significant for boat owners.

This winch has a wireless remote and can effectively pull boats that weigh up to 10,000 pounds making it one of the most heavy-duty winches found on the market. It also has a total of 3 guides which helps ensure
who the strap comes out straight at any given time.

The Fulton 500621 XLT Powered Winch with Wireless Remote comes along with a lock ring and simple bolts
who are easily installed. This device is made to suit adverse weather conditions, which means
who you can depend on it when other winches might fail.12 volt electric boat trailer winch reviews

We also really love that this winch comes with a total of 5 years warranty. It is the most extended warranty
who any electric boat trailer winch has on our list. Along with its efficiency, the Fulton 500621 XLT Powered Winch comes with a reasonable price considering its power and warranty.

When looking to purchase an electric trailer winch, there are several key factors to consider. The main ones are load capacity, the type of remote (if any), and whether the winch comes with a synthetic strap or steel cable.

Winches are usually rated according to the respective weights that they can carry and pull, not just the length or size of the boat. Therefore, you must choose a winch that will fit the weight of your boat and motor. Obviously, longer and heavier boats need to have the most powerful winches with the highest load capacity.12 volt electric boat trailer winch reviews

The main thing is to choose an electric trailer winch whose capacity is at least three-quarters of the whole boat weight. While not a rule set in stone, this is a good overall guideline to follow.

When using a winch, be certain not to exceed the recommended capacity. Overloading will damage either your boat, trailer, or your winch.

Consider the Power Winch, electric winch, Fulton electric winch, Megaflint electric winch, and Bravex Electric Winch for heavy loads. On the other hand, the Master Lock Electric Winch and Dutton-Lainson Strongarm work well with lighter loads.12 volt electric boat trailer winch reviews

Always consider whether you need a remote to use during your operation and whether you need a wired or wireless remote controller. For instance, if you have a giant boat and find it difficult to see down the trailer, you should always prioritize an electric boat trailer winch that comes with a remote controller.

Remember that wireless and wired remote controllers play a significant role in pulling winches. The wired remote controller doesn’t require a battery since it is directly connected to the power. Wireless remotes need batteries, so be sure to always have a spare with you when boating.

We prefer a wireless remote controller since you can operate your winch from a distance away from the unit. Most of the wireless remotes will work at a maximum distance of about 150 meters.12 volt electric boat trailer winch reviews

Boat winches come with either a steel cable or synthetic strap. You should always know which one
who you need depending on your budget, location, load, and weather conditions.

Many people dislike steel cables because they can fray and rust. They can also be difficult to spool and kink. Because of this, they are a bit more difficult to use sometimes and require maintenance and occasional replacing. On the other hand, steel cables are stronger and less affected by environmental factors such as UV rays.

Synthetic straps are more
usager-friendly and require far less maintenance. However, they are more affected by the environment, such as degradation from UV rays. While they too require replacement over time, they are cheaper to do so.12 volt electric boat trailer winch reviews

All in all, we generally recommend
who most people go with an electric boat trailer winch with strap whenever possible.

The best electric boat trailer winch is a wise investment for any boater. It will not only make the job of landing your boat much quicker and safer, but it will also save you from injuring your back, arm, or shoulder from not having to crank the boat onto the trailer. A well-powered boat winch will give you good value for your money, and the best ones are durable and should serve you well for a long time.

Make sure that you make an informed choice and buy an electric boat winch that will be right for your boating needs. Lastly, be sure to check the warranty for each choice, should you need to make any claims if any mechanical problems arise.12 volt electric boat trailer winch reviews

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For instructions on how to install an electric boat winch,
view the following video.

12 volt electric boat trailer winch reviews

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