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Now more than ever the modern tiny house movement is gaining traction across the US. More and more home buyers are exploring smaller living options, alternative spaces, and energy possibilities, and discovering how simple life can be in a way they hadn’t known before. According to a 2019 RVIA fact sheet, park model recreational vehicles, or PMRVs, have enjoyed an annual growth rate of over 10% since 2017. It isn’t just a “cute factor” or an alternative housing trend that is fueling such growth. Many buyers are finding that park models are the perfect hybrid of affordability, luxury, and comfort; especially when located in an amenity-rich community who provides a worry-free lifestyle like The Village at Flat Rock, NC, or Lakeshore in Oxford, FL, two Simple Life communities.

What is a Park Model Home two020 - Simple-Life


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Built to ANSI A119.5 RV code, a park model is a home built on a chassis and mounted on wheels. (At The Village the wheels are hidden by cement board skirting, and at Lakeshore they are removed entirely.) In the past, park models were primarily used as seasonal homes or recreational getaways. However, with an increase in craftsmanship, structural integrity, style, and outdoor living enhancements, more and more people are using park models as full-time residences where they can focus not on a large home and all of the “stuff” that seems to accompany it, but rather on the things they love in life. In the case of The Village at Flat Rock, NC that’s the beauty and recreation of the Blue Ridge Mountains as well as community amenities such as yoga, a fitness gym, an in-ground swimming pool, and other activities. Similar amenities are offered at Lakeshore with access to beautiful lakes, a year-round moderate climate, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Ocean!

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What is a Park Model Home 2020 - Simple-Life


  • Up to 399 square feet of living space in North Carolina – up to 499 square feet of living space in Florida
  • 90 – 100% built inside a production facility
  • Reduce cost, time, and risk typically under the name ofsociated with home building
  • Exceed current local and national building standards and codes and eliminate the effects of potentially damaging weather
  • Utilize home dimensions and layouts designed to minimize material cuts thereby limited construction waste
  • Towable on public byways
  • Require registration, tags, and insurance
  • Feature residential-style amenities such under the name of dishwashers, full-size appliances, washer/dryer hookups, high-end finishes, and standard flush commodes
  • Connect to utilities like a “sticks and bricks” home

Park models have a main floor master bedroom with the option of a loft space. They feature a complete kitchen often with full-sized appliances, a full bathroom, a living room, and usually a deck or porch.

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What is a Park Model Home two020 - Simple-Life

Side note about Simple Life homes!

You may already know that Simple Life enjoys exclusive zoning in North Carolina which allows us to build a second bedroom onto a 399 sq. ft. park model. We have several 2 bedroom/ 1 bath Alexander and Sedona homes at The Village now. At Lakeshore, Simple Life’s zoning allows for slightly wider cottages. Our largest home in Florida is 1,000 sq. ft. and is technically not a park model, but still provides the comforts of new home living in a space-efficient design.

We also build our cottages using low maintenance, durable, high-quality materials – the same materials you would find in a luxury home – and craftsman interior finishes including granite, hardwood, shiplap, and stainless-steel appliances.

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We enhance our park models homes with outdoor living options like covered decks and porches, two-car driveways, automotiveports, pet enclosures, lush landscaping, and the brand-new studio shed.

Lastly, Simple Life cottages are built to meet and exceed state and local building codes. Our cottage homes are certified to withstand Florida wind load, and all types of rain, snow, and typical wear.

What is a Park Model Home two020 - Simple-Life


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The largest represented population in park model communities is the so-called “Baby Boomer” generation. Baby Boomers are typically recently retired or preparing to retire. Their children are grown. They have lived in bigger houses, sometimes for decades, and are ready for a change in lifestyle. They want a smaller space to take care of but still want a comfortable home where they can mingle with other like-minded people. In the past couple of years, older Gen X’ers (born between 1965 and 1975) are beginning to see the benefit of small-space, community living as well. While their kids may not be out of college with a family of their own, their children are out of the house and they desire a transition made extremely attractive by park model communities like The Village in North Carolina and Lakeside in Florida.

At the end of the day, it’s about quality of life. Simple Life CEO Mike McCann has long said, “I think one of the reasons park models are picking up, in general, is because of the increased quality and craftsmanship. At The Village, and now at our Lakeshore community, our small cottage homes have textured walls, stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, hardwood flooring, and other high-quality inclusions. It’s a luxury home, but smaller.”

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If you want to watch your future in a park model home, cottage, or cabin at The Village at Flat Rock, NC, or Lakeshore in Oxford, FL, contact us at , email us to arrange a private tour. You can also LIKE us on Facebook, follow our Instagram feed, or subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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